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Official Demo Reel

Responsible for shooting, lighting, editing and designing all content.

The Heart of Gold Award: Honoring Dr. Jo Watts Williams

The Heart of Gold Award is awarded to a member of the Tau Zeta Phi / Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority that lives an exemplary life, demonstrating that selfless service is a noble virtue.

Dr. Jo Watts Williams is the first ever recipient of the Heart of Gold Award. Dr. Williams has served the Elon community and North Carolina for over 60 years; her commitment to sisterhood bridges the gap of generations between Tau Zeta Phi and Sigma Sigma Sigma.

Produced for Elon University.
Responsible for shooting, lighting, interviewing, and editing.

2011 Chevy Equinox

Commercial featuring the new Chevy Equinox. Responsible for shooting, lighting, and editing.

High and Rising

Please note that clicking the image will not load the video. Use the link provided below.

High and Rising is an interactive documentary on drug addiction in the Burlington, NC area.  Located at the crossroads of I-85 and I-40, Burlington is in the top five highest drug trafficking spots in the country.  The goal of this project was to capture the perspectives of law enforcement, addiction specialists, and recovering addicts.  Users can watch the documentary straight through, but are prompted with the option to watch videos that address topics and perspectives in more depth.  To watch the film, please click here.

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